Story launches its brand new Web based Platform today

Story launches its brand new Web based Platform today

We are pleased to announce not just the launch of our Crowdfunding Social's Web App but the start of the entire initiative.

Story is a unique Crowdfunding Social which means its a Social network and a platform to do fundraisers. It's everything you will expect from a social and MORE.

What's More?

Standard Socials, often characterise a pressure to present a perfect front, a completely false picture of the real story in the lives of people. While Socials tend to be entertaining, the downsides are real. I mean in a place rife with false images, selfish interests and bias, a lot could go wrong with respect to the lives of individuals. What's worse, in a place that should offer huge exposure, a lot of people crying for assistance seem to go unnoticed. This isn't because no one wants to help, on the contrary, there are always people willing to lend a helping hand anytime, anywhere. The problem however is the environment. Socials these days are characterised by trends, news, businesses and celebrity life style. There's no emphasis on the individual, even though the whole system is powered by individuals. Social media is fast gaining a notoriety, and is more appealing to the younger generation right now while the older generation are cast aside.

Story, as a platform dedicated to the lives of individuals first and foremost, offers users a system which promotes assistance and rewards.

Assistance & Rewards

Story provides an environment that puts the focus on individual reality. It is a place where the unheard voices are heard. With just a smartphone or a computer, anyone, anywhere can access the crowdfunding social and find a community waiting to help them. It is also a system that allows a community to reward a special individual. Its all about the stories people live out daily. The real stories.

How to use the platform?

Like every other social, register and login to your account. Setup your profile, and engage!

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