Story Raffle, all you need to know about this event!

Story Raffle, all you need to know about this event!

Story, the crowdfunding Social has embarked on an intriguing, yet huge fundraising campaign presented as a Raffle. The idea behind the presentation, a raffle style as opposed to traditional fundraising, was to give back to lucky participants.

There's more to it though, read on!

As Story launches, what is probably the first hybrid platform of its kind out there, it intends to mark its debut with a fundraising campaign where accrued funds will go into funding Stories on its platform, donating to charities and attending to humanitarian issues all over the world. It is essentially a call to the public to engage in these charity move. To help empower a revolutionary platform such as Story to do that for which it was developed to do.

When you participate in this Raffle, you are essentially donating to an important cause, as explained above. Yet when you embark on this, you stand a chance of winning back something, simply because you participated. Essentially, it is a win-win situation, we want people to know helping others can be rewarding in diverse ways. Our system is designed to promote the culture of lending a helping hand to people all around us!

Help Ukraine

So yes, when you donate to a charitable cause, this is done out of your own free will and humanity. You do this expecting nothing in return. Yet every donor or anyone who ever helped anyone genuinely, knows the experience of helping others from the heart, is one which brings with it a sense of fulfillment and happiness. In essence it is rewarding. This raffle, intends to do the same.

The Story Platform is an incentivized crowdfunding social network empowered by its own digital asset. Users are rewarded for engaging the platform, content creators more so.

Thanks for being a participant! Cheers!

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