Story Token is now listed on CMC and CG

Story Token is now listed on CMC and CG

The Story team is happy to announce that Story Token is now listed on both CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. After months of waiting, it was amazing to see both listings happen within minutes of each other! A quick reminder also that STORY token is already listed on Latoken, Whitebit and Pancake swap with more listings on some other reputable exchanges coming soon... Fingers crossed!

Life is a Story

The world we live in is increasingly busier by the day... As it gets busier, our lives gather more stories... From the personal goals we strive to attain to the cravings of societal demands and the pressures that come with it to the desire to lead a purposeful life, we are a product of life’s stories... To sum it up, NO story NO life... Enters the block chain, specifically the Binance Smart chain and a specific type of token called $STORY. Yes! It is an embodiment of life’s journeys... With STORY token, you can finally get a raise and move a step higher the ladder of life... It even gets better to know you can log unto Story App and tell your story in 60 seconds or less and get funded... No queue, No special letters and no delays!

Step Up to Story

In 2009, the first block chain product Bitcoin (BTC) surfaced... Thereafter, the etherium blockchain sprang up with some vital improvements on the previous one. Later on, it was the turn of the binance smart chain (BSC) to take centre stage. Ever since, there has been a few others like Tron, etherium classic, Kava, etc and more recently Solana... The binance smart chain network rose as a more scalable blockchain that sees several tokens built on it. In truth, several of these tokens represent different ideas to their inventors and founders but none quite stands up to the enigma, uniqueness and express reference to philanthropy as the STORY token which is also built on the Binance smart chain network. A lot of the tokens that claim or hammer on philanthropy only scratch the surface. Whereas, others use the word 'philanthropy' as a smokescreen.

With a dedicated team of professionals and crypto technocrats who wear their hearts on their sleeves on matters that relates to the well being of a teeming population of less-advantaged, sick, downtrodden or and another cross-section of fellows who are not necessarily sick nor physically challenged but do desperately need a raise to fulfil life long dreams or reach personal goals, STORY is a step up.

No matter the side of the divide you belong, step up to STORY and get a helping hand as you begin that new chapter in your ride to stardom...

Thank You!

We would like to thank all of the Storyans and Storytellers that have stuck with us on this journey to make the world a better place via the power of storytelling. It’s been a roller-coaster ride so far, but the best laid roads are bound to have a few bumps... This is only the beginning and we look forward to sharing many more adventures with you.