Welcome to the new Story Blog for the official news

Welcome to the new Story Blog for the official news

With a name like ours, we at Story felt it was high-time we started a blog to spread the good news about Story; the revolutionary Crypto-Charity platform built from the ground up to give back. Our unique platform blends the benefits of crypto with a caring, crowdfunding community.

Not Just Another Crypto Blog

Here at Story, we consider our blog an extension of our Story platform. In addition to the typical updates surrounding our token, our goal is to provide premium, substantial content to a crypto community that has been overrun by jokes and memes. With this in mind, we intend to provide heartwarming stories with unique insight into how we can use crypto to make the world a better place. Each month, our team will highlight the best stories and happy endings provided through our platform, charities to checkout, and updates about how our community is using the platform to help others.

The Concept of Story

Story is the first charitable social media platform, where people come together to shine a light on a friend, a follower, a family member and even a stranger their life stories. Whether or not storytellers already have a following, they are all considered content creators.
Tom Van Waelem

Story allows anyone, anywhere to share a 60 seconds video (or shorter) about someone in need of some financial help. For whatever reason possible, happy or sad.

Influencers receive multple messages a day from their followers who could use some financial help. As an influencers it is often difficult to publicly give back to their followers, because their platform does not have a philanthropic angle to it.

Some people may see this as an excuse, but the reality is that 95% of their following follows them for their core content, whatever that may be. Story solves this problem by allowing the influencers to “break character” on a completely separate platform, meant for giving back. The story platform basically allows for the content creator to showcase a different side of their personality, without damaging their core content.

Non-influencers, or “regular people” like you and me, also have a lot of stories to tell. We all know people who deserve to go on that bucket list vacation they’ve always wanted to do. We all know people who have done so many great things in life, but are now facing some financial struggles due to the Covid situation. We all know people who we would like to help.

The story team is well aware of the fact that big content creators will be getting more upvotes to their stories, simply because they can ask their following to upvote a specific story. There is no way around that.

Every Story counts

For that reason we are implementing a fair upvoting system. One where storytellers will be put in categories, based on the amount of followers.This is to ensure that even people without a following can get their compelling story across and they have a shot at trending in their respective category.

Story is a platform where people love to be. The most rewarding things in life often involve improving someone’s life in some way. Story is here to promote love for one and another and to achieve our goal of leaving this world better than we found it. Story will not leave anyone behind. By introducing storytellers we are staying true to our concept.

We are hiring storytellers. If you are a self-starter, you love to make content, you are willing to learn and grow and you would like to tell people’s stories, then join our platform today!

At first storytellers will scout the Internet to find stories. Since this is a new platform the best creators will come up with the first trends and to grow astronomically. We are convinced stories will be told in theatrical, funny, sad and very intimate ways.

Whatever style suits you best, you can be sure there will be an audience for it.

Stay Tuned!

Our Story Team is excited to start this epic journey with you and we hope you enjoy our blog. There are a lot of articles and updates coming through the pipeline, so be sure to subscribe and follow!