The platform to help others

Whether you are a content creator who'd like to give back to your followers, or you're an average Joe who'd just like to help someone out. Story provides anyone, anywhere, with the platform to help others.

Simply share one's Story in 60 seconds or less.

* Available on iPhone and all Android devices


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Upload Stories

Simply upload one's Story in 60 seconds or less.

Browse Stories

The basic feature of the app is available.

Like Stories

The basic feature of the app is available.

Comment Stories

The basic feature of the app is available.

Share Stories

The basic feature of the app is available.


$STORY Tokens are earned by engaging the app.

Donate $STORY

Story users fund stories by donating $STORY Tokens.


Coming Soon! Buy $Story Tokens directly on the app.

Withdraw Tips

Coming Soon! Storytellers can earn tips for sharing stories.

Coming Soon!

Buy $STORY Tokens

with Credit Card

Soon you will be able to buy $STORY Token in Application using your Credit Card...

Buy $STORY with Credit Card

Ad Revenue is channeled towards Engagement rewards, charity and other costs

$STORY is a crypto currency utility token. It is bought by advertisers and donors to fund stories. These tokens are distributed to the app users. Simply by using the app, users receive tokens to donate to the stories they support. We know what advertisers get out of this, but what about donors? Recognition by ranking system.

  • Advertisers & Donors
  • Users fund stories for free
  • Highly accessible for anyone to get help

Coming Soon!

Donate More,

pay less taxes

Make a donation and get an automatic tax receipt. Making your crypto donations through Story App gives you the most reliable way to reduce your capital gains taxes while supporting a cause of your choice.

Buy $STORY with Credit Card

Tell Stories freely! Story app is free to use!

Story 60 seconds stories

60 seconds Stories

A storyteller can be anyone. An influencer, a regular Joe, a charity organization, etc.

Story Like, Comment, Share & Donate

Engage, Earn & Donate

Simply watch stories, like, comment or upload a story yourself and receive real money to freely donate.

Story Peer-to-peer

Peer-to-peer Funding

Directly fund a story with as many tokens as you want.

Share a Story Now

Story Token

Simple Tokenomics and Low Transaction Fees

$STORY is a utility token on the Binance Smart Chain and it is a token boosted by social positive value, as it impacts lives all over the world.

Contract: 0x85ee8e3e0068edeeee960979958d7f61416a9d84
1 Billion

Total supply


Current price


TAX. Timeless.


Story Funding



Team Wallets



Marketing Budget


Buying Story Token has never been easier

Simply select one of these exchanges and join our community.


The team continues to improve the project


  • Team restructure
  • App beta release
  • WhiteBIT listing
  • WhiteBIT staking
  • GoldFarm partnership
  • LAToken listing
  • LAToken staking
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • CoinGecko listing
  • LAToken trading competition
  • Website redesign
  • Shilling competition
  • Aureus Token partnership
  • Next Earth partnership
  • Blockster partnership
  • Big Christmas Giveaway
  • App back-end development begins
  • Web version developement begins
  • Android app development begins


  • iOS app developpement begins
  • Searching for investors begins
  • Spherium partnership
  • Web version alpha tests begins
  • Andoid app alpha tests begins
  • Website back-end developpement
  • Our brand is trademarked
  • Google Play release for beta tests
  • Web version release for beta tests
  • Staking $Story tests in the app
  • New blog release on the website
  • Web version launch
  • Chaninlink partnership
  • Raffle
  • Staking in the app
  • Purchase via fiat
  • App launch on Google Play
  • Brand Awareness campaigns
  • Purchase via USDT, BNB


  • Collecting stories
  • App launch on App Store
  • App Store release for beta tests
  • iOS app alpha tests begins
  • Tax receipts for donations
  • New partnerships
  • Introduction to verified profiles
  • On boarding influencers
  • New exchange listing
  • Introduction to NFTs
  • DMs
  • Etherium Bridge (tentative)


  • Marketing
  • New exchange listing
  • New partnerships
  • New features

Coming Soon!

Story NFTs

Art from the Heart

Story belongs to the exciting world of NFTS and you too can partake in some of the most emotional and sentimental valued NFTS. Art from the Heart.

Story NFTs
Meet the Team

Skills, work ethic & vision is what we breath

If you have questions, do not hesitate, our team is available 24/7 on our Telegram group.

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John Whitehead

John Whitehead

Founder and CTO
Meshach Ishaya

Meshach Ishaya

Technical Lead
Francisco Tabora Jr.

Francisco Tabora Jr.

Chief Operations Officer
Tega E. Zane

Tega E. Zane

Chief Digital Officer and Marketing


Senior web developer
Kehinde Odesola

Kehinde Odesola

Graphic Designer
Odesola Moses

Odesola Moses

Content Development & SEO
Donald Moses

Donald Moses

Content Development & SEO
Frequently Asked Questions

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If your question was not addressed in this FAQ, please send your questions to us using our contact form below.

YES IT IS! You can download it from Playstore and Appstore! Search Story token.

The beta version has got all functions needed to start collecting stories on the app. It is a fantastic looking app and it will serve as the base for future features to be added.

We've already started working on the new features. Follow us for updates!

Yes! As soon as the "tipping" feature is added, storytellers will be receiving tips from the people funding the stories.

Once the crypto wallets are integrated in the Story App, users will be able to convert Story to whatever they like.

Not sure if 'better' is the word..But, we are unique..Many similar platforms to ours require a relentless campaign set up if funds must reach the recipient.. Anyone of any age demography of any location in the world can upload a 60seconds video and get funded.

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Become a storyteller

As a storyteller you are helping people directly, by giving a platform to the unheard. Story users are able to reward you for your actions in the form of tips, which you can cash out at any time or you can use to fund more of your followers.